"Dear James,
I am just writing to say a big thank you to you for all your help and expertise you have given to Laura. Thanks to your guidance and professionalism Laura has returned to a happy healthy teenager who can walk, run and enjoy life without pain in her toes/foot. You are our 'hero'."

Mrs HK

"James has cared for the podiatry needs of my parents during the past four years both in their own home and at the practice. He is very caring and professional and will always go the extra mile to make sure all is well to keep my 90 year old mother on her toes! I can recommend Ablefeet without reservation"

Mrs JB

"A year ago I decided to take up running after gaining a lot of weight. I started running quite frequently after never running before and hardly any exercise for some time. At first I was able to complete a few miles but after a couple of weeks I started getting pains in my leg during and after running. After one run in particular it became so painful I found it hard to walk let alone run. After a consultation with Mr Welch he diagnosed me with Shin Splints caused by overpronation. He then supplied me with a set of orthotics to help support my arches when running. I always use my orthotics to this day and have since completed numerous 10k and half marathon events. I don't feel this would have been possible without my orthotics. Also after nearly 700 miles run they are still just as supportive as the first day I had them"


"Training towards my brown belt in kickboxing was extremely intensive and I encountered foot problems that were making it painful to bounce up and down, something I constantly had to do when competing. I needed to find someone who understood that stopping and resting my foot just wasn't an option for me, but who could help me manage the discomfort so that I could get to my goal of grading day. James thoroughly examined my foot, explained what he thought the problem was and taught me ways in which to strap my foot to manage the pain. I'm pleased to say this really helped and I passed my grading with minimal foot pain. Thanks very much!"

Miss AP

"On behalf of Ablefeet with whom I have been a patient for the last seven years, I am happy to say that I have always been treated with the greatest care and attention especially by Mr Welch and his staff"

Mrs HB

"Thank you so much for helping and healing my flat feet! Your kind and caring ways are certainly appreciated by me! You have gone above and beyond in ensuring that my problematic feet were healed, especially when others have failed over the years. My gratitude always."

Mrs SP

"Dear Mr. Welch,
It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance recently when I was recommended to visit you by my Physiotherapist.. As you will recall I was suffering from the very painful condition called shin splints. Following my visits to your practice and being given relatively simple exercises to do at home, I am really pleased to report that the pain in my shins has almost disappeared completely.! I would like to thank you very much indeed for your courteous treatment and the exercises which I will continue to do until the pain has completely gone... Thank you once again for your help."

Mrs SS

My son was recently referred by our GP as had been complaining for a number of months of cramp in his feet and legs, which often woke him up in the night in tears. The standard of the treatment that my son has received  has been outstanding and in particular James Welch. His diagnosis of my son's issue was precise and the orthotics he prescribed have worked miracles. His walking and clumsiness have improved considerably and he is in a lot less pain, hardly complaining about the cramp at all now. However, what stands out about James is not only his obvious technical competence but his ability to be professional with genuine warmth. He has a brilliant bedside manner. Taking time to explain to my son what was happening throughout his consultations and even taking the time to explain all the bones on the skeleton model when my son showed interest really puts a five year old at ease in an unfamiliar environment. Thank you so much for helping my son.  You should feel very proud.
With kind regards,

Mrs JL

Dear Sir,
This is to let you know what a super man you’re JW is. He was so helpful and so skilful that as he had told my husband A& E would probably keep him in.  He was correct. When my husband saw the surgeon in A&E he said that the work James had done was so superior that they wouldn’t have to do any more apart from put him on the drip and stay in. I think by his skill and fitting a very desperate wife in could have save my husbands foot, this young man needs a good pat on the back for such superior care.
Yours sincerely

Mrs SB
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