Ablefeet are Surrey’s most innovative and dynamic podiatry practice, providing clinically advanced care to patients ranging from routine podiatric care to minor surgery, from biomechanical problems to sports injuries. We are leading the way in minor surgical and non-surgical procedures to manage all things podiatry related.


Ablefeet specialise in all of the following:

Biomechanics involving a musculoskeletal assessment and gait analysis, orthotic prescription, minor surgery for ingrowing toenails, sports injuries and rehabilitation, routine podiatry, corns and callous removal, verrucae management, diabetic foot problems, fungal infections, footwear advice, podopaediatrics.

Whether the patient requires treatment for a common podiatric problem or a complex biomechanical condition, Ablefeet specialise in fast and accurate diagnosis of patients’ conditions. The practice was established in 2004, and since then has been going from strength to strength. We treat a huge array of podiatric ailments, including sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Some commonly seen sports injuries that we specialise in are:

Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, medial tibial stress syndrome (“shin splints”) and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

What is Podiatry/Chiropody?

It is a specialist field dealing with the study, examination and care of the foot and lower limb, including its anatomy, pathology and the medical and surgical treatments involved.

Why change the name from chiropody to podiatry? Podiatry is a name which more clearly describes the practice, training and skill of the Podiatrist.

We are also proud to announce...

That we have been granted status as one of the Virgin London Marathon Injury Clinics for 2012 (one of only two podiatrists across the whole of Surrey!).

Since setting up the practice Ablefeet have been able to provide treatment for England and Wales National Lacrosse Players, sub 3 hour 15 min marathon runners, Ironman and Lanzarote Triathletes, Marathon des Sables (Sahara marathon) runners, mountaineers, national level hockey and rugby and football players as well as members of the British Army.

Registered Podiatrists

All our podiatrists have a minimum of 5 years’ post graduate experience and are members of the Health Professions Council (HPC). The HPC is a regulatory body for allied health professionals. We keep our skills current by attending regular courses and conferences. You can always check whether your podiatrist is registered by going to the HPC website.

The terms Podiatrist and Chiropodist are interchangeable. Podiatrist is a reserved title in the UK, meaning that it can only be used by those registered with the HPC.

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